FINDING HELP by Marj O’Neill-Butler


Daphne and her Mother are at loggerheads concerning assisted living or a caregiver. When Daphne tries to solve the problem, she is surprised by her Mother’s attitude.



DAPHNE Know-it-all daughter of Evelyn, trying to do well by her mother. 50’s. F

MOTHER Evelyn, widow living on her own, determined to stay put in her own place. Wearing a dirty tee shirt and old sweats. 70’s F

MICHAEL Registered caregiver, smart, caring, clever. 40’s. M



Mid-West Drama Conference, Chicago, IL, March 2020

The Storefront Theatre, Waxhaw, NC, March 7 & 8 2020 (first place winner)

Stillwater Short Play Festival, Stillwater, OK, Zoom recording, Fall 2020

ArtisTree Community Art Center, S. Pomfret, VT, May 16, 2020-postoned

Old Academy Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, July 9-12; 17-19, 2020-postponed

Theatre Odyssey’s Short Play Festival, Sarasota, FL, audio production, Fall 2020

Tarpon Springs Short Play Festival, Tarpon Springs, FL, November 19-22, 2020

Lakeshore Players Theater, White Bear Lake, Minnesota Zoom production, August 14, 2020

Spark Creative Works, NYC, 2020 The Bridge PHL, Philadelphia, PA October 19-25, 2020

Dragonfly Arts, Metuchen, NJ August 4, 2020



Approximately 12 minutes



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