The action of this humorous play takes place at a psychic reading attraction at a fairground. Gypsy Rosa Pentalegro is once more in occupancy with a travelling fair which is making its annual visit to a town. She has the usual gift of the gab and in return she takes money from customers who behave as if feeding a slot machine. Rosa enters and exits frequently to stash her takings whilst the rest of the play action takes place.

Best friends Sandra and Becky have, for the fun of it, had a reading which leads to John arriving in Rosa’s absence and recognizing Becky as a cast member in a play. With John and Sandra’s departure, Jackie, Becky’s theatrical agent, enters and introduces her to Roger, a film director. Roger turns out to be a philanderer, Rosa warns Becky not to trust him and she acts upon it.

By the time Sandra returns, John has Rosa in a hold up in a desperate attempt to steal her takings. Sandra saves the day by phoning the police but it’s the return of Becky that knocks John out with a frying pan.

The play concludes by confirming the random numbers Rosa gave as those which will win the lottery. Sandra, using those numbers, has the winning lottery ticket and there is only one winner. Sandra promises all three of them will enjoy the millions.



Sandra   –            Best friend of Becky

Becky –                Best friend of Sandra

Gypsy Rosa  –     Psychic reader

John  –                  A local man

Jackie  –               A theatrical agent

Roger –                 A film director

Voice –                  Off stage voice through microphone or recorded



Approximately 60-70 Minutes



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