FACTORY by James MacVeigh


Bristol 1979. Margaret Thatcher has just been elected for the first time and the play is set against the historical backdrop of declining traditional industries, the impact of rising feminism on ‘ordinary’ lives, and specifically the trial for conspiracy to murder of former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe.

Our Dad has just returned from five months at sea and his prime concern is getting his leg over Our Ma, while her priority is ensuring that their son, Danny, gets a ‘decent’ upbringing.

Danny is more interested in life on the street where parental influence cannot reach. When he and his best mate, Bisto, decide to bunk off from the Boys’ Brigade he wants to use his new catapult to bring down the brass lettering on a derelict factory and sell the metal for scrap, while Bisto wants to head to the Magnet Café for reasons that are altogether more mysterious. Neither boy knows how normal life can suddenly tilt, revealing hidden horrors that lie beneath it, until they find themselves trapped with the predatory Trevor.

When Danny manages to take control it reveals strengths he did not know he had, and if the secret Bisto has been hiding has been revealed, does that really matter?



M5 F1

DANNY BESSELL – an imaginative boy on the threshold of puberty, played by an adult actor

OUR MA – DANNY’s mother, a housewife in her early 30s

OUR DAD – DANNY’s father, a merchant seaman, early to mid-30s

BISTO – DANNY’s best mate, the same age, less imaginative but more precocious

VICAR/CAPTAIN – a Church of England cleric who is also a CAPTAIN in the Boys’ Brigade

TREVOR – a disturbed individual aged around 40



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