EMILY’S LETTER OF LOVE by Margaret. Crompton


This Script in Hand  monologue is a letter from Emily to her grand-daughter, Katy. Emily spent her last years in what used to be known as an Asylum. This became a term of stigma, but the real meaning is a place of safety. And that is what this Asylum was for Emily, when she became deeply depressed. In the Asylum she found care and company, treatment for the symptoms of her illness and, perhaps more important than anything, affection and music.

But, as her letter reveals, she was desperately lonely and longed to be able to talk to her grand-daughter. As a substitute for face to face conversation, Emily wrote a long letter – probably a few paragraphs at a time. It was never sent to Katy. After Emily died, the letter was found tucked into a book of folk songs which she’d always treasured. She’d been able to keep the book in her locker beside her bed. Her family called it Emily’s Letter Of Love.

This Script in Hand monologue may be performed with Daisy Petherton’s Perfect Day, and Katy’s War.  See also A Trio of Gentle Women, and Loveday Singer.






Approx 10-15 minutes


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