DYNAMIC DOGGIE vs DR. MEOW by Gareth Barsby


Little Barty Blafford has always wanted to be a superhero and have super-powers, just like his hero, the arrogant Supreme-Awesome Dude. One day, his dog Rosie finds a strange device in the garden, and she gains super powers from it. She thus becomes the superhero Dynamic Doggie with Barty as her sidekick, Bark Boy.

The device which gave Rosie her powers came from the laboratory of the evil Dr. Meow, a mad scientist who accidentally mutated herself into an anthropomorphic cat. She and her robot henchman, Bert, are planning to ruin the Medioc City Christmas Cake Contest, and it’s up to Dynamic Doggie and Bark Boy to stop them and even save Supreme-Awesome Dude as well.

Dynamic Doggie vs. Dr. Meow uses an original storyline, but has many elements of the classic British family pantomime, with plenty of audience participation, jokes and parodies.


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NARRATOR – a smart middle-aged man in a suit
DR. MEOW– female mad scientist in her 30’s; has cat-ears, fur and whiskers but is briefly seen completely human in the prologue
BERT –Meow’s robot henchman, wears a tuxedo
SUPREME-AWESOME DUDE – egotistical superhero, early 30’s, wears spandex, cape, gloves, boots and mask
ROSIE/DYNAMIC DOGGIE – adult golden retriever, wears mask and cape with DD brooch as Dynamic Doggie
BARTY BLARFFORD/BARK BOY – twelve-year-old boy in t-shirt and shorts, wears mask, cape, and BB logo as Bark Boy
LARRY BLARFFORD – Barty’s middle-aged househusband father, loves baking
SALLY BLARFFORD – Barty’s mother, wears smart business clothes, works in advertising



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