When people arrive in the afterlife they tend to be in one of three states. It doesn’t make any difference but there’s a leaflet, you know, to help you come to terms with being dead. Mia works in the reception. She greets the newly deceased and explains the way it works. It’s not a Heaven and Hell thing, more like the Inland Revenue. How good, or bad, you were in life, determines the eternity you get, and how old you will be while living in it. Mr Ram is her boss. He used to be the Grand Observer, seeing and knowing everything that ever happened on earth, but that was millennia ago when the population was small and there wasn’t even fire, never mind Wifi. As things got busier the need for a better Grand Observer forced him out to be replaced by software (now in its 3rd Reboot as G.O (D)) and poor Mr. Ram, former deity of sorts, is an all-knowing, all-seeing, socially awkward office manager. Being ordered about by the software he helped develop, and madly in love with Mia.

Mia, however, harbours secret feelings for another. The charming Irish rogue, Connor, who takes the new arrivals to their ever-after, and he knows it. Theirs is the unspoken love that just might last forever.

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