DOING THE PUB QUIZ by David Spicer


The world’s worst pub quiz team, We are Smarticus! meet online for The Great British Pub Quiz. Determined to beat their rivals, will they break the sacred code of ‘a quizzer is always honest’ to secure their victory?

Taking an hilarious look into the world of competitive quizzing, DOING THE PUB QUIZ answers life’s important questions such as:

 What type of creature is Jar-Jar Binks? 

How many balls are there on a snooker table? 

Was Spit the Dog ever UK Prime Minister? 


DOING THE PUB QUIZ is the play that definitely proves that there is no ‘I’ in quiz!



TOM          The captain of the team and a man who lives by the code of the Pub Quizzer – He Is Always Honest.

JASON       The smart guy who always knows all the answers and doesn’t care how he knows them.

REBECCA   She’s in the team, mainly to meet people, make friends and have a nice evening out.

EBON        The serious, intense member of the team whose only problem is that he just isn’t very clever.

JUDITH      Has never answered a question because her specialist subject is 20th Century German Philosophers.

TERRI        She’s in the Pub Quiz team because it happens in the Pub and frankly could do without the Quiz bit. She could certainly do without her teammates taking it so seriously.



The play was first produced online in June 2020 by the Northern Comedy Theatre, directed by Shaun Chambers.

The cast was:

Tom – Robert Stuart-Hudson

Jason – Rob Hardie

Rebecca – Vikki Earle

Judith – Lauren Molyneux

Ebon – Kieran Maleedy

Terri – Kathryn Chambers



Approx 45 minutes



Preview available here

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