When Candice and Darren tie the knot in the sleepy Welsh village of Pant-y-Gusset they expect the reception to go without a hitch – but fate has other plans. The vicar isn’t quite sure why she’s there, the mother of bride is waiting for her call to baking stardom and the man eating bridesmaid is too busy chasing the bewildered best man. To top that, the groom’s gone missing! What else could possibly go wrong?



Vicar                middle-aged, single female vicar who seems quite bemused to find herself invited to be a guest at the wedding reception

Doug               father of the bride; a self-made man who’s not above bragging of his success but would like to keep his wallet well and truly sealed

Gladys             mother of the bride; a diamond in the rough; she’s eagerly waiting to hear whether she has qualified for a famous TV baking show although, sadly, she has no insight into the standard of her baking

Candice           the bride; despite the cut-price nature of her wedding, it is the happiest day of her life but her happiness turns slowly into despair as the drama unfolds

Beyonce          chief bridesmaid; bubbly and existing in a world of her own – a world where she is irresistible to all men

Marion            divorced mother of the groom; more middle class then working class although does put on a number of airs and graces

Clive                the best man and work colleague of the groom; he spends the entire play acting as a messenger between the groom and the rest of the wedding party and trying to avoid the advances of Beyonce

Nora                elderly grandmother of the groom; spends most of the evening asleep, rousing simply to make inappropriate comments



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