This tried and trusted script brings a traditional family pantomime with modern influences. It has flexibility which allows it to be easily performed on the small or the large professional stage.

The Captain and Bosun return to London with a Pirate ship after having had theirs stolen. Locked away in the captain’s cabin they found the Princess Lulu from Morocco, however she is not quite the Princess you would expect!

Dick Whittington arrives in London and through Alderman Fitzwarren he is eventually made captain of this ship and sets sail to return the Princess back to Morocco. The pantomime twists and turns giving a good story packed with fun and laughter including the riddance of the ever-villainous King Rat. Dick and Alice fall in love as predicted and Princess Lulu finds love too, but who is the lucky man?

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DICK: (female) Principle boy.

ALICE: (female) Principle girl.

IDLE JACK: Solo comedy part. Best played by male.

SARAH: Dame, can be played by male or female.

CAPTAIN: One of a duo. (partner Bosun) Can be male or female.

BOSUN: One of a duo. (partner Captain) Can be male or female.

PRINCESS LULU: A comedy part. Best played by a male, but can be a female. Played dame like with a touch of finesse. If played by a male the more masculine he is the funnier it will be..

ALDERMAN FITZWARREN: Best played by a male, but could be female if that is your only option and portrayed as a male.

KING RAT: Best played by a male, but can be just as easily QUEEN RAT, if that fits your membership. The villain.

FAIRY: Glittery and glamorous. Female part. Would also work if played by a male if that suits your membership better.

FELIX: The Cat. Non speaking, but can meow where it’s felt required . Can be played by male or female.

KING BUZZBUTTOCK: [For act two only] Could be played by female and change to QUEEN. If the part is changed to QUEEN, there will be required a few scripted word changes from, he to she, father to mother, etc.

MUSTAFA WEE: [For act two only] Male or female. Moroccan attendant.

MUSTAFA WIND: [For act two only] Male or female. Moroccan attendant.



The script caters for a chorus of any age group. However, if you working with no chorus, the performers playing Mustafa Wee and Mustafa Wind or other members can speak those lines designated for chorus.



Approximately 2 hours – not including interval


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