The play begins with a series of short monologues which develop into five plot lines all connected to ‘ForGiving’, the Lake District charity shop.
The volunteers at the shop find themselves involved in ‘dark’ events and challenges for which their life experience has failed to prepare them.
Joyce discovers that there is a thief working at the shop and uses her previous experience of working as a store detective to build an unassailable case. Monica, having retired to the Lakes with her husband, finds that he now wishes to divorce her. Julia’s family is torn apart when allegations of sexual abuse at her husband’s school spill over into her own family. Mickey finds himself the victim of a vicious poison pen campaign and is arrested for a murder that he did not commit. Desmond and Donna, the managers of ForGiving, are struggling financially and there are tensions in their personal relationship.

For most of these characters, there is a journey to be taken. For some it ends in a life-changing resolution. For others – well, that is the point of the play!





Some of these characters can be doubled. The ages set out below are ‘serving suggestions’ only. With some minor alterations to the script, a younger cast could make the play work.

Monica – Early fifties, attractive, elegant. Volunteer at ForGiving

Julia – Early fifties, a ‘Lycra girl’. Volunteer at ForGiving

Mickey – Fifty plus, dresses like a rocker – straggly pony tail, tattoos. Volunteer at ForGiving

Sophie – a young woman. Neighbour to Mickey

Desmond – Sixties, pompous. Manager of ForGiving

Donna – Early fifties, very attractive. Desmond’s wife

Joyce – Retired, 67, small and wispy. Volunteer at ForGiving

Gordon – Fifty-five, headteacher. Husband of Julia

Darren – Late forties, good looking, not too bright

DI Max Wordsworth – Forties, the investigating police officer

DC Helen Lang – Late twenties and assistant to DI Wordsworth

Matthew – Mid-twenties, son of Julia

‘Happy Roulette’ Lady (HRL), Flora, a volunteer at ForGiving, Alice, Julia’s daughter and Nick, Mickey’s solicitor appear as voices only.


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