DANIELA by John Hughes


Daniela and her friends suffer bullying and a miscarriage of justice, caused by a group of pupils headed by Bianca at Tillingham school before finally being proved innocent. The characters meet 27 years later at a dinner party, and when they realise that they are the same people involved in the incidents at the school, spark fly.

Both acts can be performed as separate, self-contained, one-act plays



Daniela Gray as Junior and as adult Wilson.

Jenny Thomson – Daniela’s friend.

Bobby Brown – Jenny’s boyfriend.

Bianca Millbank as Junior (School bully) and as adult Mills.

Davina Smith – Bianca’s sidekick.

Mrs. Mary Gray – Daniela’s mother.

Miss. or Mr. Chillingworth – Teacher at Tillingham school. Male or female.

Jim Wilson – Daniela’s husband.

Craig Mills – Bianca’s husband.

Constable Clark then as Detective Inspector Clark – Policewoman or policeman

Caroline Wilson – Daniela and Jim’s daughter.

Conner Mills or Young – Bianca and Craig’s adopted son.

Gang members, non-speaking.



Approximately 85 minutes



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