CRYSTAL’S DEPARTMENT STORE – a Jukebox Musical by Judith Foot


Welcome to Crystal’s Department Store, where high fashion is just old fashioned and good service is non-existent. But wait, things are about to change

When its elderly owner dies and leaves the store to Crystal King, she has no idea who he is or why she has inherited it. The unpopular Manager, Christopher Black, is outraged when he learns of this as he had expected to inherit the Store himself. He hires the Dig It Up Detective Bureau and sets out to discredit Crystal

The staff are naturally suspicious, if not a little hostile towards Crystal, but with her resolve to save the Store from bankruptcy she begins to win them over

The Assistant Manager, Anton Du Blanc, is a French man with a poor and often hilarious grasp of the English language, who falls in love with Crystal and attempts to help her in her task, however his difficulty with the language actually exacerbates the situation

Julie works in the Ladies Department but appears to live an exciting and glamorous life outside of work, a life her co-workers question but cannot disprove. When she promises them Tom Cruise will relaunch the Store she may have taken things a step too far

Kate is expecting her first baby any day but cannot choose a name and her colleagues set out to help her, will she go with their suggestions of George or Charlotte? When her contractions start shortly before the fashion show she puts on a brave face for the sake of the Store

Ophelia de Havaland is Black’s secretary, they are having an affair and have turned the staff room into an infirmary for their own private use. But Ophelia, who is at first put out at Crystal’s arrival, begins to rally to her and questions Black’s motives, putting their relationship to the test

Crystal is enchanted by the rather old fashioned Store but realizes it cannot continue to survive on its small clientele. She sets a string of events in motion which culminates in a dazzling fashion show and a final showdown.

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