CRACKED UP CHRISTMAS, a holiday collection of 8 short plays, explores the holiday experience (and the aftermath) through a wide angle camera lens that captures a mix of magic and mayhem.

CRACKED UP CHRISTMAS provides theatre audiences a full night of fun that is a refreshing alternative to staging the same old annual Christmas production options.

This collection includes the following pieces;

G.C.F. (GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE) – A crackers Christmas mash-up for your new A CHRISTMAS CAROL holiday fix.

PSYCHO SANTA? – Delusion and illusion hit a Christmas Eve cross-current and Santa must face off with his conflicted reality.

A WHITE CHRISTMAS – Dreaming of a white Christmas conjures up images of greeting card snowscapes and peace on earth, unless you face off with the full frontal reality that A White Christmas has nothing to do with serenity and everything to do with mayhem.

SAY CHEESE – In the heart of Little Italy, one mother’s solitary Christmas Eve destined for disaster turns golden with a non-perishable gift called love.

CHET’S SECOND CHANCE – When an unlikely breaking and entering suspect on a post-Christmas mission pays a visit to the local sheriff, expect the unexpected and an outcome that is almost magical.

FOUR LETTER WORDS – A husband’s holiday binging packs on pounds and his wife’s determination to enforce dietary lock down serves up a healthy dose of high caloric comedy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – On the cusp of a new year, a middle-aged daughter is blindsided with a shocking revelation served up by her senior dad that forces her to come to terms with a most unexpected reality.

THE DECORATIONS DILEMMA – One couple’s tardiness in holiday decoration removal earns an unwanted visit from the high priestess of the condo association, who finds herself facing a conundrum she hadn’t considered.



22 different characters are portrayed across the 8 plays



The 8 plays range from about 4 – 10 minutes in length



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