After the sudden death of her best friend, a young woman trying to find herself reunites with a lost love…a situation that is complicated by her skeptical cousin (who is also her roommate) and the recurring appearance of her best friend’s ghost after a drunken emotional night.



ESTHER​:​ Central character of the play. Mid-20s or so. Pensive, sarcastic, and drily funny, but also very caring and sensitive at her core. May be somewhat of a loner, outside of her close relationships. Between jobs at play’s start due to feeling a need to start over with her life. Interesting combination of skeptical and hopeful traits.

ANNIE​: Esther’s younger cousin and roommate. Upperclassman in college in Act 1, recent graduate in Act 2. She can display a bit of an attitude at times and is quick to hold a grudge, but really cares about her friends when it comes down to it. She also has a special fondness for her favorite cousin, Esther, who she looked up to as a kid.

ARIEL​: Esther’s late best friend. Mid-20s “starving artist” type. The perfect foil to Esther and her clear ​platonic​ soulmate. Much like Esther in personality, but more brutally honest. She appears to Esther in an almost ghostly form, taking on the perfection of her friend’s memory.

MONA​: Esther’s ex girlfriend, then later on girlfriend again. Earthy, “granola,” politely open about her beliefs even if they aren’t always the popular opinion. Probably a couple years older than Esther and Ariel, but not dramatically so; an age gap shouldn’t be emphasized. Late 20s?




“I found [Conversations With My Dead Best Friend] quite poignant, as well as unexpected in a number of its twists and turns. Perhaps my favorite element was the characters’ stubborn striving towards joy, despite the huge tragedy that will always be a part of their lives. Another element I appreciated was the repeated acknowledgement that Esther will never “get over it” – missing Ariel will always be a part of her existence. Both of these things I have found (in my own experience) to be vital parts of grief, and not at all paradoxical, as they might initially seem. And of course, I love a good romantic ending for queer characters.” -Hannah Merrill, Parley Productions Seattle




Approximately 2 hours



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