CONGRATULATIONS – A Duologue by Nieve Hearity


Congratulations is about a woman who has suffered multiple miscarriages and is finally pregnant. the woman, Abby, talks about the pain and struggle she has gone through trying to have a baby after doing everything ‘right’. The situation is also seen from the point of view of her husband Jai.



Abby late 20’s early 30’s has had multiple miscarriages and is finally pregnant but terrified of losing this baby too, stoic, reticent, scared to be optimistic
Jai, same age, laddish, love football, excitable, heartbroken but optimistic




One Act Festival 2017 5 minute festival The Stockwell Playhouse. 2018 One Act Festival The Stockwell Playhouse




Review by Paul Vale of The Stage


by Nieve Hearity

A talking-heads drama, which raises issues surrounding the loss of a child before it has been born. Author Nieve Hearity allows us to see the dilemma from both sides as husband and wife offer their thoughts, feelings and fears as they valiantly try for a child. Hearity speckles her dialogue with snatches of humour but ultimately this is a hugely difficult subject, handled with compassion and understanding. Simon Woodcock is the perfect foil for Hearity as performer. Laddish in the first instance  and instantly recognisable as the over-excited father-to-be. Gradually he is torn apart by the problems he is forced to face, losing sight of the relationship and too-quick to apportion blame. Hearity’s expectant mother is more stoic perhaps but no less broken by the limitations of her body. Both deliver superlative, honest performances that in a play that genuinely touches the heart.



Approximately 20 minutes



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