CONCORDANCE by John Minigan


Where is the line between faith and madness? Armed with only a butter knife, 18th century Bible scholar Alexander Cruden attempts to cut his way to freedom from London’s notorious Bethnal Green madhouse but is interrupted when Christiana, a sixteen-year-old blind girl, invades his cell. Although she has arrived merely to avoid the sexual advances of the madhouse under-keeper, she discovers that the roots of Alexander’s presumed madness reach back to a haunting secret he has worked for decades to escape.



ALEXANDER CRUDEN – Author of Cruden’s Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments. A short, obsessive man who speaks with a hint of the Aberdeen accent he grew up with and a stutter that gets worse under stress. He seldom makes full eye contact, except with Christiana, and his speech with her is generally without a stutter. He’s thirty-eight when the action begins.

CHRISTIANA – Age sixteen, blind. We learn late in the play that she’s a hallucination.

OLDER MAN – Plays James Chalmers, Doctor Sloane, Doctor Monro, Mister Hogarth, Job London, Reverend Blackwell, and Older Sailor.

YOUNGER MAN – Plays Lord-in-Waiting, Mister Davis, Thomas Blackwell Junior, Mister Crookshank, Reverend Guyse, Mister Wright, and Younger Sailor.

WOMAN – Plays Elizabeth Blackwell, Queen Caroline of Anspach, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Grant, Lord Chief Justice Sir William Lee, and Bunter Jane.



Approximately 100 minutes



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