CLUE THE MUSIC by Samantha Cartwright and Emma Houldershaw


A whodunnit musical. A school reunion that is filled with larger than life characters and all the scandal and intrigue that follow them. During the chaos someone is murdered! But who will it be? And who done it? The only show where YOU decide.



Madame SAPPHIRE:   A French maid, who pretty much runs the hotel single-handedly. She’s a hard worker and is often frustrated by the BUTLER.

BUTLER:                      Has a way of looking busy without actually doing any work, little bit pompous, dithery and old fashioned in his ways, he is ignored by most people.

PENELOPE Plum:        A reporter and the one organising the school reunion, she is a busy body, knows everything about everyone and doesn’t care what people think of her as long as she gets the scoop.

SARAH Peacock:         PENELOPE’s best friend, married to DAN, they portray a happy couple but aren’t really. SARAH is sick of her husband’s affairs. She was Miss Popular at school.

DAN Peacock:              He was popular at school, DAN and SARAH were high school sweethearts, he cheats on her all the time, bit of a lad and ladies man, always flirting.

Captain KYLE Mustard:         He was captain of the football team at school, very much a jock, still acts exactly as he did at school, hasn’t really grown up, thinks he’s a hit with the ladies but he isn’t, class clown.

JAMES Blanc:              Was a geek at school, now he is an MI6 agent, bit like JAMES Bond, very suave and sophisticated, he still gets nervous around BEATRICE.

BEATRICE Beige:        The quiet one, she is intelligent, was best friends with JAMES at school but they lost touch, she loves him and always has but is too shy to say anything.

SCARLET:                          She is confident, attractive, gets any man she wants and is ruthless, nothing will stand in her way.

CERISE:                       She is bimbo Barbie, quite stupid, likeable, has been married three times before and on the lookout for husband number four, doesn’t really care who they are as long as they are rich.

JOHNNY Black:            A rock star, he is a worldwide celebrity, women love him, he is a sex god, talks nonsense most of the time, but people hang on every word, his every move is purposeful. Bit like Stacey Jacks from Rock of Ages.

EMERALD:                   Bit rocky, was bullied at school by Scarlet, wants revenge, down on life in general, nothing good ever happens to her and she is resentful of others.

Professor GREEN:       An inventor, was friends with JAMES at school, still is a bit geeky, very intelligent, think tweed and a monocle, bit Dr Who ish.

Chorus:                         Class of 99 and teachers, family and friends.



Song 1 – 1999 – Prince

Song 2 – Hit me with your best shop – Pat Benatar

Song 3 – Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Song 4 – I knew you were trouble – Taylor Swift

Song 5 – Pour some sure on me – Def Leopard

Song 6 – Back to black – Amy Winehouse

Song 7 – You spin me round – Dead or Alive

Song 8 – Murder on the dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Song 9 – Hard to say I’m sorry – Chicago

Song 10 – Let the good times roll – BB King

Song 11 – California Girls – Katy Perry

Song 12 – Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

Song 13 – Just give me a reason – Pink

Song 14 – Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Song 15 – My Way (lyrics changed – alternative lyrics available from SMITH SCRIPTS) – Frank Sinatra

Song 16 – We are young – Fun



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