CLEAR BLUE SKY by Bruce Karp


A former airport security officer, struggling with guilt for ten years since terrorists passed through his check point on 9/11, meets a woman who lost her husband on that day, forcing him to confront the events all over again.



HARVEY GOREN – male, age 40, with “blue collar” look.

GLENN CANFIELD – Harvey’s boss, late 20’s

CAROL MORGAN – female, late 30’s, an attractive widow

JESSE MORGAN – male, teenager, Carol’s son, bookish, shy

PHYLLIS GOREN – Harvey’s mother, late 60’s-early 70’s

JOHN GOREN – Harvey’s father, in his late 70’s, with “ex-military” look and demeanor

DALE COX – reporter for the local newspaper, mid-to-late 30’s, gender neutral

ENSEMBLE – includes TERRORIST #1 and #2, VOICE OF TV REPORTER, OLD MAN (see note below)


(Note: Actor playing GLENN will also play role of TERRORIST #1. Actor playing JESSE will also play role of TERRORIST #2. Actor playing JOHN GOREN will provide VOICE OF TV REPORTER and play OLD MAN.  Pronoun references to DALE COX need to be reviewed depending on gender of actor playing the role.)



The play has had a workshop at The Sauk Theater in Michigan, May 2020, resulting in a Zoom staged reading. In this reading, the character Dale Cox was played by a woman. SEE PHOTO



Approx 95 minutes




Preview available here

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