CIRCUMSCHISM by Roger Stroud


In old Jerusalem, the very first church is struggling for survival. Future saints Peter, Paul, James, and Mother Mary hold a pivotal meeting to determine a way forward. Wine is consumed and festering wounds reopened as faith, heresy, and sexual seduction become entangled. Somehow, by the end of the evening, the future of Christianity is decided.



Peter: male, late 40’s. First disciple of Jesus. Peter is large physically and emotionally.

Mother Mary: female, late 60’s. Elderly mother of Jesus. Mother Mary is bent but unbowed.

Paul: male, early 40’s. Author of multiple New Testament letters. Paul is physically slight but very intense.

Rhoda: female, late teens. Rhoda is a physically attractive maidservant.

James: male, late 40’s. James is the brother of Jesus and is the head of the early church.

Mary: female, mid 40’s. Mary is a wealth patron of the early church



Part of the Working Title Playwrights Table Series of 2019.



Approximately 82 minutes



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