CINDERELLA by Jack Northcott


Cinderella, a sweet and talented girl is mistreated and abused by her ugly stepsisters Annabella and Belladonna (or names of your choice!) and her evil stepmother Pri Madonna.

Buttons, her best friend and confidant enlists the help of a Fairy Godmother to make all of Cinderella’s dreams come true and she dances with the Prince at the royal palace.

As the clock strikes twelve Cinderella flees from the ball into the forest. Can Buttons and the Fairy Godmother find her in time? This fast-paced traditional family pantomime is sure to be a hit with people of all ages.

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Cinderella – Poor stepdaughter of Pri Madonna

Buttons – In love with Cinders

Pri Madonna –  Married Cinders’ father

Annabella – Ugly and vile

Belladona – Ugly and vicious

Prince Charming – Handsome, principal boy

Dandini – Prince’s aide and confidant 

Fairy Godmother – A magical fairy who looks after Cinderella


Pinky – A tiny mouse

Perky – A tiny mouse

Porky – A tiny mouse

Flutter – A sparrow

Splutter – A sparrow with a speech impediment

Hoppit – A rabbit

Droppit – A rabbit

Servant – A staff member in the household

Chorus of villagers, ball goers and forest dwellers,

As always in Pantomime, genders are ambiguous and this is no exception. Particularly Buttons, Pri Madonna, Dandini, Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother could be played by either a male or female but the gender of their character must remain the same. With the exception of the Fairy Godmother who could easily be ambiguous in gender.


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