CINDERELLA by Colin Barrow


This traditional pantomime packs a good fun time for all the family with eleven main characters. There is very little in the way of a synopsis to write, as this is a pantomime where the story is firmly fixed with a traditional route. It’s the injection of comedy, a bit of jiggling about and three different characters which brings a new angle of story telling. Cinderella is probably one of the most popular pantomimes and comes with the largest choice of scripts available. And to address that, this script delivers something which appeals to those looking for something that’s a little different to their last production of Cinderella. The script also takes into account small venues, especially the transformation scene. The sequence of this scene has been written so it will work even with the most limited of venues and basic logistics. However, if the venue lends itself, or is of a size where anything can be done, again the script lends itself to suit your staging

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Cinderella – Principle girl

Prince – Principle boy

Dandini – Equerry to the Prince

Baron de Broke – Cinderella’s father

Buttons – comic

Slap – Ugly sister

Tickle – Ugly sister

Cuthbert – Up market tramp

Horace – Up market tramp

Septic – Up market female tramp

Fairy Godmother

Desmond the horse

Chorus if you have one



2 Hours – not including interval



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