CINDERELLA by Cheryl Barrett


Cinderella is at the beck and call of her awful step-sisters, Chardonnay and Shiraz and wicked stepmother, the Baroness. Her best friend, Buttons, narrates this classic rags to riches fairy tale.

A delightful hour-long pantomime providing fun for all the family. The script is accompanied by detailed production notes.



Buttons – Cinderella’s friend and narrator

Cinderella – Baron Stoneybroke’s daughter

Baron Stoneybroke – Cinderella’s father

Baroness Stoneybroke – Cinderella’s evil stepmother

Chardonnay – Cinderella’s nasty stepsister

Shiraz – Cinderella’s nasty stepsister

Fairy Godmother – A kindly fairy

Prince Charming – A dashing prince

King Frederick – A wise King

Dandini – Prince Charming’s right-hand man

Stop – A palace guard

Search – A palace guard

Herald – Palace herald

Chorus of: Mice, Courtiers, Guests at ball



Approx 60 minutes including songs.



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