CAROL by Anthony J Piccione


Vinny, a young, successful best-selling novelist just started work on his next book. However, he has been significantly affected by his crippling anxiety, which he is only able to overcome by drinking considerable amounts of red wine. After some help from his friends, he has been able to finally move on, and start functioning as both a writer and a civilized person without it. However, on one particularly stressful night, the temptation strikes again, as he receives a return visit from his old muse.



VINNY – A young author who is reliant on wine to think straight or to be comfortable with writing or socializing.

CAROL – A highly-flirtatious human incarnation of a bottle of red wine.


  • World premiere at Manhattan Repertory Theatre (New York, NY) – March 2018 (Click here to watch this performance.)


  • Press:

Rep’ing new works on 47th Street – OuterStage – 3/22/18

Playwright Piccione Confronts Another Youth-Oriented Dilemma – BroadwayWorld – 3/7/18

Confronting Your Muse in Anthony Piccione’s CAROL – BroadwayWorld – 2/12/18



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