A few years after Captain Coots has died, a successful businessman. His widow, Anna, decides to use the money that he left to build a place of refuge for the homeless. A place to give shelter, food and protection to those who’s circumstances are beyond their control and would benefit from it.

Their marriage was bitter sweet and they had a son, Peter, a budding artist. However, Peter, like his father, has a hereditary illness that affects the brain. Unfortunately for Peter, the condition is far worse than his father had and he faces a future life of just being alive and not knowing who he is, or able to care for himself. The play is set on the completion of the refuge, and tomorrow sees a celebration with dignitary’s, officials, local people and workmen that did the building. But on the eve of these celebrations the refuge home burns down, and what is more, Peter is becoming too close to Suzie, a union that  would have consequences if it is not stopped. The final twist that closes the play is with Peter, who takes matters into his own hands.



Anna Coots – Playing age of around fifty or sixty and mother to Peter. A widow who has had a much of the best in life but has been unhappy throughout it. Quite straight talking and firm with body language to match

Peter Coots – Playing age in his twenties, a budding artist and son to Anna. Quite an upbeat character, happy with the joys of life. Intertwined with this, ‘joy of life’ he suffers with a brain illness that’s becoming worse. This gives the actor a different dimension to portray from his more jovial self.

Suzie Somersby – Playing age in her twenties and live-in housemaid for Anna. She is daughter to Jacob Somersby. A lover of life, quite upbeat in her manner. The actor has opportunity to really make the character her own by putting on a local accent if it is desired.

Jacob Somersby – Can be of any senior age but at least old enough to be father to Suzie. He’s been a drunk most of his life and walks with a hobbly limp due to a deformation of the leg. Again, like Suzie, the broad use of a local accent could be spoken if desired with a light hearted attitude.

Father Corbin – Acted as quite a senior figure at least the same acting age of Anna, but older would be better. As the name suggest, he’s a religious man and has the mannerisms of one.

Brenda – Acted at an age suitable to have romance with Jacob. She has the least amount of lineage and stage appearance. The script dictates for particular mannerisms or character but that is entirely down to the actor and director to create



Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes



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