CAPSTONE by John Bray


Twin sisters Gillian and Jessica have been tasked with performing the role of The Twin Towers in the forthcoming Patriot Pageant at their for-profit charter high school. However, they decide to make the event more interesting by including lines of their own, as well as a dance that incorporates the use of a knife. What begins as a rallying cry for the bullied teens becomes an event that they could exploit for their own artistic agenda…the choice is theirs.



Gillian, a senior in high school, the “normal” twin, the one with the plan.

Jessica, a senior in high school, the “weird” twin, the one who doesn’t get credit for being more attuned.

Patrick, father to Gillian and Jessica, a grieving widower, principal, and older brother to:

Carl, uncle to Gillian and Jessica.

Voice, Trudy (Tennis Player, Dancer), Student



Capstone was commissioned by The San Francisco Olympians Festival: Rome (Artistic Director, Stuart Bousel) as part of a series of staged-readings based on Roman mythology. It was inspired by the myth of Romulus and Remus (though playwrights were invited to take their story in any direction they desired). The reading was held on October 11, 2018 at EXIT Theatre’s EXIT Stage Left.  It was directed by Juliana Lustenader and featured the following cast:

Alisha Ehrlich – Gillian

Ciera Eis – Jessica

Vince Faso – Patrick

Scott Lettieri – Carl

Heather Kellogg – Trudy

Sara Briendel – Stage Directions


Approx 55 minutes



Preview available here

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