An inept quiz team, led by a married couple, Jan and George, meet up for a quiz night in a draughty church hall.  Jan is less concerned with geography and general knowledge than with finding out which one of her friends has let her down by revealing a secret from her past to her daughter.

In between brain-teasers set by the world-weary Mrs Maitland (clumsily aided by her dopey grand-daughter Sally and introduced by the rambling Mr Hamworthy), Jan sets some questions of her own, but as the evening progresses it seems that she is not the only one with a secret.

It’s not long before the team have to face questions more awkward than ‘How many islands make up Japan?’ or ‘Who wrote The Gruffalo?’.  And don’t even ask about the raffle or the picture round…  A full length comedy with quickfire dialogue that will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever argued over which round to play their joker on.



Jan: a woman of about 50-55, married to George

George: a man aged 50-55, married to Jan

Ellie: a woman aged 35-45, friend of Jan and George, married to Tom

Tom: a man aged 35-45, married to Ellie

Chrissie: a woman aged 40-50, friend of Jan’s

Spencer: a man aged 25-45, eccentric, pedantic neighbour of Jan and George

Mrs Maitland: a woman aged 60 – 65, world-weary quiz setter

Sally: a young woman aged 17- 21, granddaughter of Mrs Maitland

Mr Hamworthy: a man aged 55-65, chairman of Scurry Tunnels charity



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