It’s 1961 in The United States of America, and the wonderful Kennedy family are the local residents at The White House. As Bob Dylan will surely declare in 3 years, “the times they are a ’changin’,” and JFK is just the man to make that happen; The White House has employed more women than in any previous year, including a Secretary of State! Golly, that’s sure is exciting for our gals! This ain’t the 50’s anymore honey, women have rights and equality now!

…Or do they? I guess old habits die hard, eh Mr President? Either way, rest assured The (White) Housewives will NOT allow themselves to be walked over. The clock is tickin’, and if they don’t start getting the respect they deserve, there just may be some sassy consequences. So gentlemen, you may want to think twice before you cross these feisty ladies!




The Interviewers (two speaking roles, opportunity for extras if wanted) – Men

Sleazebags. Great at feigning interest and charming their targets to get the inside scoop. A real double act. Cannot possibly understand how a woman can have the intelligence to see through their performance. In our original performance we also had a cameo role of our technician carrying a camera and a microphone following the men around the set.



The Jackie Kennedy – wife of JFK. Originally a New York debutant that met and married JFK whilst he was a senator. Speaks very softly with a strange mixture of an American and an English accent (taught via elocution lessons). The epitome of elegance and class…until she snaps. Originally played by a man (with a beard).



Secretary of State (AKA The Foreign Secretary). The only woman to have a high powered job at The White House because “secretary” was in the title. Deals with foreign affairs, so naturally it was assumed she must be foreign. British accent required.



JFK’s secretary. Blonde (no offence) and a bit of a bitch. Hates “the other secretary” Karen. Think, a combination of all 3 “Mean Girls”. A cretin for gossip and rumours. Really very stupid, but thinks she’s above everyone else. Loves Jackie, hates the other girls.



Head of catering. Super southern, super sassy, super racist. A strong, independent woman who’s short on time for anyone’s shit. Sarcastic and dry. Also originally played by a man.



Barbara; Barb for short. The white house “cleaner”. A tool belt and construction boots kinda gal. Loves a good innuendo and her phallic hammer that she carries EVERYWHERE. Married to lazy Bob the handy man, who also works at The White House. Constantly gets delegated all the jobs while Bob gets all the credit.


JFK – Man

The John F Kennedy. Smart. Professional. President of the USA.




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