Boyband Battle is a Jukebox Musical featuring a number of top Boyband songs from the 90’s and 2000’s.

A loose adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, this is the story of a famous boyband named Catapultz.  Though they may be talented, they have clearly let fame go to their heads.  During their recent performances, the boys continuously mistreated their tech crew (and lead singer Scott has been neglecting his girlfriend Christine).  Fed up of the boys’ attitude, three friends from the crew decide they are going to form their own boyband and try to ‘one up’ Catapultz to get even (despite their lack of experience).  The friends recruit Jason, who they decide would be the ideal candidate to be their lead singer and form the band Jetpax.  Jason however then falls for Kayla, the sister of Scott, who is Catapultz’s lead singer.  Can this romance sooth the tention and rivalry between the two bands, or could it cause the friction to reach breaking point?




Note due to difficulty it can be to source 10 men, the other ‘male’ characters who are not in the bands are all gender neutral, also 1 member of each band (Nick and Dave) are optional so you can have 4 piece bands instead of 5.

Cast size recommended – 8 male, 6 female, 3 can be either male or female and 2 other optional characters male.

The Monday Boys / Jetpax

Jason Anthony – Lead singer of Jetpax

Dan Riffster – second main singer and generally band leader

RU (Ryan Ugo) – bad boy persona

Sam Garber – most musical person/songwriter and backing vocalist, wishes to be singer but Jason is selected due to looks etc.

Nick Genio – dancer.  Very camp and OTT (Optional character – most of his lines can be either cut or re-allocated to the other guys if the character doesn’t feature)


Scott Bernard – Leader and lead singer.  Talented but not the brightest person.

Gary Lynch – A confrontational jerk

Mike Prater – Scott’s friend and has an interest in Kayla.

Zack Johnson – The comedian of the group.

Dave Raymond (Optional character, only use if you have Nick or enough men in the cast – has very little dialogue but does share a song if he features)

Fans of Catapultz

Kayla Bernard – Scott’s sister and Jason’s potential girlfriend

Christine Mosely – Scott’s girlfriend

Michelle Whyte – friend of Kayla and Christine.  Also serves as a backing singer

Georgie Lynch – friend of Kayla and Christine.  Also serves as a backing singer


Richard/Ruby Robertson – Record producer and manager of Jetpax

Amy Sullivan – A Choreographer

Judge Smith – A Judge (can double with other characters)

Charlie Hudson – Lawyer prosecuting (can double with other characters)

Debra Thomas – Lawyer defence (can double with other characters)

Craig Cowell Bateman – Reality TV Judge (can double with other characters)

Guard & Journalist (can double with other characters)



Approximately 2 hours



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