BOOK OF THE YEAR by Paul Smith


Felix Porter is a writer of various genres of fiction under various names. When his agent enters one of his books into a new Book Competition there begins a chaotic attempt by Felix, his boyfriend Jeremy and his agent Stella, to try and lay claim to the £250,000 prize money – bending a few rules in the process. A group of amateur actors and Felix’s mother, Valerie, all add to the resulting confusion.



Felix Porter – a writer- early 30s

Jeremy Watson – a writer – early to mid 30s

Stella de Beauvoir – an agent – 45+

Valerie Porter – Felix’s mother – 60+

Lionel Meredith   –               ) 70s

Zuleika Simmons                ) 80

Steve Rudd                           ) 30ish                                – Members of an Am Dram Group

Genevieve Poesy                ) mid 20s

Philip Wooze                       ) 40ish

Voice – male or female



Approximately 90 minutes



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