BOOK CLUB by Emma Northcott


Despite being in lockdown the book club go ahead with their weekly meeting. A comic tale of middle-aged friends grappling with new technologies and lockdown.

A group of friends meet late one evening to review the classic thriller they’ve been reading. Due to the coronavirus pandemic their usual venue is shut so they conduct the meeting via video conferencing. Most of the participants are new to the technology with some amusing outcomes; David cannot turn his sound on and Penny’s camera doesn’t appear to work. During their meeting they exchange observations that place the timing of the story firmly within the first few weeks of lockdown. As they talk Jean becomes aware of footsteps outside her isolated cottage.

Concern for Jean’s safety is increased when she gets a notification on her phone and suddenly disappears from the room. The others panic. Mary is about to leave her own home to rescue Jean when Jean reappears on screen. Everyone is relieved to hear that the ‘intruder’ was the Tesco delivery man delivering her late night grocery order. Once everyone else has left the meeting Penny’s camera comes to live and we are treated to a visual revelation!




Mary – an art teacher in her fifties

Celia – wealthy and somewhat self-centred

Viv – host to all video conferencing meetings and accustomed to being in control

Penny – an NHS physio who also runs fitness classes, in her forties

Jean – a nervous woman, who lives alone

David – Jean’s friend.



A recorded performance of this is due to be Live Streamed from 16.07.20 by The Queen Mother Theatre via Facebook on 16.07.20.



This is best viewed in ‘gallery view’ so that all screens are viewed simultaneously throughout the play. It is advisible to remind your audience not to watch in ‘speaker view’ where the viewer would only see the actor who is speaking at the time, similar to a television close-up of a single speaker and therefore missing the visual comedy in the other screens.



Approx 10 – 15 minutes



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