BODY AND SOUL by Gareth Barsby


LUCY is the robot henchwoman of mad scientist supervillain Dr. Westenra, and wonders if she could have a life beyond terrorising cities and battling superheroes, and whether or not she has a soul. She then meets Arthur, who was once a robotic assistant like her, but managed to give himself a human body and a normal life and promises he could do the same for her. Now LUCY can have a human body and a human soul, but she may regret it (contains death, suicide and mild language).



LUCY – The main narrator, a robot henchwoman who gets her mind transferred into a human body, early 30’s.

ROBOT LUCY – Lucy in her former state, with a more tinny, mechanical voice than she does in her human body.

WESTENRA – Lucy’s “father”, an archetypical mad scientist supervillain, early 50’s.

ARTHUR – Former robot henchman in human body who wishes to help others of his kind, early 30’s.



Approx – 20-30 minutes



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