Blessed Be the King of Glory is a fast-moving satire.  The characters inhabit a world which runs according to its own rules – yet the themes are the great themes that concern us today.  It is all action; it is all debate.  How are politics and power used and misused in our world today?  How is gender perceived?  And what does it mean to cause offence, what is offence?  These are the themes that reverberate around the world of Blessed Be the King of Glory.

Pelham is the protagonist.  He arrives home one day in the early hours to find his mother dying – their house has been attacked.  With her dying breaths she reveals to Pelham that their family are the chosen guardians of The Ark of the Repudiation.  This contains an account of the greatest sin ever acted against God; knowledge of it brings immense power, to read the account drives the reader mad.  She dies leaving Pelham with this terrible burden.

As he searches for the Ark, he is visited by members of the country’s Establishment who take the Ark from him.  Everybody wants it for their own dark purposes.  In order to get it back Pelham gains employment among the Palace staff.

Pelham is then engaged in a deadly game of real-life snakes and ladders.  He is poisoned by the Bishop, visited by the Archangel Gabriel who announces the coming of the Messiah 1B, he is put on trial, condemned to death by lethal injection.  He saves himself at the last moment.

But his world in then transformed as he finds what it is to have power.

The play proceeds on its roller-coaster journey to its apocalyptic final scene.

In order to create this world actors are teamed up with puppets and a pantomime cow. Blessed Be the King of Glory characters see what they want to see, and the audiences sees things as they have not seen them before



Pelham: A young man, 20s

Kinsident Arthur II: Titular and elected Head of State

Simpson Arthur’s PA

The Rt Rev Hubert Topping: The Bishop

Sir Peter Partridge Chief Constable (played by an older woman)

Gabriel: An archangel


Two other actors who play:

Two soldiers

Two Palace servants (Davis 1, Davis 2)

Two police officers

A Gaoler

Tod, villain for hire

Daisy and Daffodil, two of Pelham’s maids

Andre, a couturier

and animate

Pelham’s mother

Maccers, Tod’s dog

Lanky, another of Tod’s dogs

A crow

and also create

Moira, Pelham’s Mother’s cow



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