Take one actor who wants to act; a brother, daughter and neighbour who want him to; another daughter who doesn’t, and an actor – who can’t! The scene is set for an entertaining, poignant and humorous drama about family relationships, ageing and hope. Can Tim begin to find his inner confidence, and believe that there may be a chance to act for one final time?

Although the main character is experiencing the very early stages of dementia, I have deliberately only touched on his illness, as it is not the main theme of the play. My aim was to write an entertaining play with a minimal amount of conflict, which would also remind us that kindness prevails. It is not a laugh-a-minute comedy, although it has much gentle humour throughout.



TIM HORTON: A well spoken, charming, warm actor, slightly unsteady on his feet. Age: Mid 80s.

EDDIE HORTON: Tim’s easy going brother. Age: Early 80s.

ROSS SHARPE: A post person. Any age.

LINDA HORTON: An outspoken ‘glass half empty’ daughter of Tim’s. Age: Early 60s.

SOPHIE SHAH: A happy-go-lucky neighbour of Tim’s. Age: 25 – 35.

EMMA COOPER: The confident, positive twin sister of Linda. Age: Early 60s.

JOHN BAXTER: A brash cockney actor, who wears a wig. Age: Mid 70s.

PAULINE JENKINS: An audition helper. Any age

NOTE FROM WRITER; It should be noted that the lead part of Tim (whose character is aged in his mid 80s) is on stage for approximately 85% of the play, so the actor playing him would need to be confident in retaining a large amount of dialogue. I envisage that the actor portraying him will be aged in his 60s/70s.

Please note that if the set is constructed in such a way that the audience do not see through the open door of Tim’s flat (Act 1, Scene 3), then the actress playing Pauline may also play the role of the post person (amended to Ros in the programme, instead of Ross.)



The play was performed as a staged rehearsed reading by Barnes Community Players, in January 2020 at OSO Arts Centre, London.



‘I found this fascinating from the start, dealing as it does, with the bleak subject of dementia, with an undercurrent of humour throughout. I find some other writers especially interesting, as their work is so different from mine and this represents the perfect formula. Read, absorb and enjoy.’ Barry Cryer (Comedy legend)



Approximately 90 minutes



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