BEHIND THE SHADOWS by Scott Cartwright


River is being abused by her current boyfriend, Darren. After breaking up with him to get with her childhood crush, Luke, Darren looks for ways to get back at River, including sleeping with Luke’s ex-girlfriend. In the end, he’s had enough and ends his life believing she would miss him. Far from it. After giving birth to a little girl, Symphony, River learns the importance of living life in the moment whilst we still can.



RIVER          18-35 Years Old. Is being abused by her current boyfriend. Aged 21 when she gives birth to Symphony

LUKE            18-35 Years Old. Kind hearted musician.

APRIL           21-22 Years Old. Very sour and not great company.

DARREN      18 Years Old. Abusive drinker.

SYMPHONY Daughter of Luke & River. Kind hearted and has the voice of an angel. Aged 14 when we hear her speak at the end.

MARTIN       River’s father. Extremely embarrassing. Late 40s-50s.

MICHAEL    The man with many jobs. Early 30s.

LUCY            ENSEMBLE. River’s best friend.

JENNY          ENSEMBLE. Nurse.

BECKY         ENSEMBLE. Stripper. Luke’s Other Ex Girlfriend

BOYFRIEND ENSEMBLE. Symphony’s boyfriend.

PRIEST        ENSEMBLE. Wedding Priest.



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