BEAUTY & THE BEAST by Richard Hills


Beauty and the Beast is a delightful version of the popular Pantomime. Prince Charles of Carpathia is on his way to propose to Princess Beauty of Mauritania. Arriving early, he is intercepted by the evil Edwina. When he refuses to marry her, she locks him in the Clock Tower. When the Clock Tower is unlocked, he emerges as a Beast and the King orders his soldiers to find him and shoot him. Will Edwina ever be beaten, and will the Beast ever become human so that Princess Beauty can marry her Prince Charles?

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FAIRY BLOSSOM                            The good Fairy

EVIL EDWINA                                   A nasty Governess

QUEEN MATILDA                            Queen of Mauritania

KING HUMPHREY                            King of Mauritania

PRINCESS BEAUTY                          Their daughter

DAME CAMILLIA CATCHIT               Dame

BARON ARCHIBALD HADIT            The nasty

WILLIE CATCHIT                                Dame’s big fat son

MARY                                                    Maid to Princess Beauty

TOM MEREDEW                                   A young traveller

PIP                                                         Works for the Baron

SQUEAK                                               Works for the Baron

MOP                                                       Palace servant

BRUSH                                                   Palace servant

BEAST                                                   Bewitched Prince Charles of Carpathia

CHORUS as:  Villagers, servants, guests, and courtiers at the Palace, slaves and servants to Edwina.




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