BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Hilary Mackelden


Ten years ago, Prince Leopold was changed into a hideous beast and the only way to break the spell is to find a woman who loves him as he is now, and to perform an act of true love for her. He has until midnight this Saturday to do it, or he will stay a beast for ever. When Hank Ring is arrested by Leopold for trespass, his daughter Belle offers to stay in his place. Leopold tries to make Belle love him, while her father tries to rescue her, assisted by his would-be fiancee, Gloria Swan, village handyman, Handy Andy, and Zelda’s henchmen, Cross and Patch, who are working undercover and can’t remember whose side they’re on.



Prince Leopold, a Beast

Belle Ring, a girl of pure heart

Hank Ring, Belle’s father

Gloria Swan, a woman who loves Hank

Handy Andy, the village handyman

Zelda Silva, Leopold’s cousin

Cross, one of Zelda’s henchman

Patch, another of Zelda’s henchman

Hale, one of Leopold’s guards

Hearty, another of Leopold’s guards

A Minotaur

Granny, an elderly lady from the village

Persons 1, 2, 3, 4, villagers

Other villagers

Disco dancers

Creepy crawlies

Waiters and waitresses

Party guests


Smallest possible cast is sixteen. 3 male, 4 female, 9 either



Approximately 2 hours



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