AT HOME IN THE GREAT WAR by Peter Appleton


At Home in the Great War is the story of two families, the Smiths and the Browns, during the 1914-18 war. Set on a stage split to show a room in both their houses with the lighting switching to either as appropriate, it shows how the two families cope with the news and events of the times particularly when their children go off to war.

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Cast is two male and six female 

Links are provided by voice overs as are letters home, either recorded or live.


Mr Smith (50+)                    Shopkeeper

Mrs Smith (45+)                  Wife

Mr Brown (50+)                   Professional man

Mrs Brown (35+)                Wife

Matilda (17-21)                    Daughter

Mrs Irvine (50+)                   ]

Mrs Tribble (50+)                 ] knitters

Mrs Patterson (40+)            ]


The three boys are only heard as voices over

Mr and Mrs Smith with two sons John 22 and Leonard (Lenny) 19

Mr and Mrs Brown, one son Harry 21 who is heard only and daughter Maltilda 17



Approx 70 minutes



Songs of the period enhance the feeling of the changing years.



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