ARTHUR & CHARLOTTE by Jane Sunderland


Arthur Nicholls is a devout, loyal and committed curate in the employ of Patrick Bronte (father of the famous Charlotte), and is in love with Charlotte. But Charlotte wants to marry for love. Arthur proposes. Patrick is furious. Arthur resigns and moves away. Charlotte, feeling ‘warm respect’, eventually agrees to marry Arthur. The honeymoon night is a disaster. Over time, however, Arthur’s love is reciprocated, and the marriage is consummated. Charlotte becomes pregnant; Arthur is delighted; Patrick fears that the pregnancy will result in Charlotte’s death – which is what happens.  Knowing he is responsible, Arthur is distraught, and his faith is seriously challenged.



Patrick Brontë (late 70s)

Charlotte, his daughter (late 30s)

Arthur Nicholls, a curate (mid-30s)



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