ART CLASS by Emma Northcott


With the easing of the lockdown individuals begin to ‘bubble’ with one another. A comic tale of secret lovers accidentally caught out via Zoom.

Mary is an art teacher anxious about her return to secondary school as the lockdown is eased and schools across the country cautiously open their doors. In order to regain her confidence and to encourage a bit of creativity with her friends she asks Viv to arrange a virtual art lesson via Zoom. Each of the friends attempts to paint a bowl of fruit using whatever medium they have to hand. Viv shares the revelation that their friends David and Jean have moved in together after the announcement from Boris Johnson that families are allowed to bubble with one other household. Viv’s husband Tim also takes advantage of this and is caught bubbling with Celia during the video conference meeting, thanks to a conflict over the host’s control of the camera settings. On his return home Viv ensures that Tim is thoroughly sanitized before being quarantined in the back bedroom. Viv and Penny display varying success with their artistic rendition of the bowl of fruit and George produces a beautiful life drawing of his partner Seb.




Mary – an art teacher in her fifties

Celia – wealthy and somewhat self-centred

Viv – host to all video conferencing meetings and accustomed to being in control

Penny – in her forties

Tim – a confident womaniser, except in the presence of his wife Viv.

George – a mild mannered man.



This play needs to be viewed in ‘gallery view’ so that all screens are viewed simultaneously for the entirety of the play, until Celia, then Viv exit the meeting. It is best to remind your audience not to watch in ‘speaker view’ where the viewer would only see the actor who is speaking at the time, similar to a television close-up of a single speaker and therefore missing the visual comedy in the other screens. If the actor playing Viv is able, she could actually host the meeting and therefore be in charge of turning cameras and microphones on and off. Otherwise, it is explicit in the script who changes the controls and who the audience should think has done it. For this play to be performed, under lockdown, Tim needs to be living in the same house as Celia.



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Approx 15-20 minutes



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