The play is mainly set in a Singles Bar and concerns the lives and loves of seven members of the “Older Generation”. The play uses popular songs to help tell the story. The play is my answer to that fact that older actors cannot perform “Grease”!



Bobby Murray. He and his wife have split up. He works too hard and has not paid much attention to his marriage, but he has not been unfaithful.

Mary Murray.  The wife of the above. She has thrown Bobby out and has filed for divorce. She believes he has been unfaithful.

John Benjamin. Divorced from his wife, now single, a joker and womaniser, or so he thinks. Fancies Barbara.

Barbara Thomas.   A friend of Carol and Mary. She is divorced. She is actively looking for another man, any man!

Carol Wadsworth.   Divorced. A friend of Barbara and Mary. Has a running duel with John and has had a few lovers since her husband left but no one serious.

James Simpson. Used to live locally but moved away, but recently returned. Carol was the love of his life.  Married for a short while but now divorced. Very well off.

Anne Kirkham.   Recently widowed and still devastated by her loss. She is new to the area and does not realise it is a singles bar.

Adam Shannon.  Single. A real Casanova, after anything in a skirt. Works as a travelling salesman. No intention of getting involved with anyone seriously.

There are several other singing and speaking parts. A young James Simpson and a young Carol Wadsworth (nee Jones) (each have one song), Carol’s Mum and Dad, a man called Martin, a barman and a waiter. The chorus will be the other customers in the bar.



Approximately 90 minutes



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