ANDERSEN’S TAIL by Marc Bolton-Lee


Hans Christian Andersen is struggling to find inspiration for his next story. When the handsome Illiam Leer enters his life Hans finds himself falling in love and the events that follow form the basis of Andersen’s most famous story, ‘The Little Mermaid’



Hans Christian Andersen: A kind hearted writer living in Copenhagen. He is experiencing writers block and searching for inspiration when he befriends and falls in love in Illiam Leer (Early 30’s).

Illiam Leer: A self-assured Danish man by birth who grew up in France and is saved from a maritime accident off the shore of Copenhagen. He becomes friends with Hans Christian Andersen and soon falls in love with Celinde Colbert (Early 30’s).

Celinde Colbert: A young middle-class woman who is the love interest of Illiam Leer. (Early 20’s).

Emmeline: A friend of Hans’s who sells sea shells to make a living. She is harshly judged by others for being a prostitute. She is an understanding, gentle non-judgemental person. (20’s-30’s).

The Printer: The printer who prints Han’s novels (30’s +)

Mrs. Bohr: Han’s useless house keeper (50’s +).

Mrs. Malicious: A witch like woman that sells miscellaneous items at her stall. She is also a maker of herbal remedies or “potions” (50’s +).

Mr. Colbert: Celinde’s father who is a middleclass business man (40’s-60’s).

Mrs. Colbert:  Celinde’s mother (40’s-60’s).

Frederik: Hans’s friend.



Approximately 90 minutes



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