AN UNDER-SEA ROMANCE by Margaret Crompton


Posy chatters about himself to a customer, until sister Azenor arrives for a  break during her  campaign for equality and respect. She gratefully shrugs off her working uniform, including long blonde wig, and relaxes in her preferred outfit – a tunic like Posy’s – and her own natural hair. As they discuss Posy’s transgressive acquisition of artificial feet, human Matt arrives, pushing an ancient wooden seat in which his ancestor, Merlady Morveren, has been confined for 500 years. While Posy discovers how to release her, Azenor and Matt spar with each other, gradually revealing their attraction. But can an immortal Merwoman and a mortal Man have a future together?



POSY               A Merboy who develops into a Merman. He runs Posy’s Shellon, which he owns with his sister Azenor. Sensitive, gentle, shy, courteous, intelligent, he discovers strength and gains confidence. He is not effeminate or camp. Although he’s lived through many tides, he looks his emotional age.

AZENOR           A Mermaid longing to become a Merwoman. She campaigns for equality, respect for all Merpeople, wants to be seen as a person, not set of attributes. At first she’s rather strident but has been hurt (‘humen drown’), and  can’t risk real contact with other people.

MATT               A Human who discovers he’s amphibian, related to Merpeople. 20s/early 30s. He arrives at ‘Posy’s Shellon’ with his great etc Grandmother, Morveren. He’s encouraged by Azenor’s direct approach to become more honest with himself, and her. He’s rather lonely. Lives in Zennor.  His Cornish accent and more or less 21st century idiolect is already dated but he has no idea of any other speech conventions.

MORVEREN       A Merlady, subject of local legend (Mermaid of Zennor, Cornwall, UK). She’s ready for release after 500 years confined in block of wood. Matt, Azenor, Posy all change through meeting her. She’s strong, manipulative, affectionate, brave. She speaks in archaic mode (thee, thou) which will change once she’s acclimatized to life in the century where she now finds herself.



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