ALL THE TRIMMINGS by Eddie Coleman


It’s Christmas Day in the trimmings household; Devoted sisters Patsy and Tracy are slaving away cooking Christmas dinner while the men folk are down the pub. Grandpa sits in his chair expecting his yearly Xmas snowball while Patsy’s daughter, Gemma, eagerly inspects the presents under their fantastic tree. Yet all is not as it seems. What does Kylie, Gemma’s university friend, need to tell Gemma urgently that it cannot wait? And why does Kath, the annoying neighbour, have a problem with Christmas Day?



Patsy – Mum, mid 50s

Trevor – Dad / Patsy’s husband, early 50s

Gemma – Their daughter, early 20s

Ray – Their son, mid 20s,

Tracy – Mum’s sister (Auntie Tracy), early 50s

Reg – Patsy and Tracy’s father, mid 70s

Kylie – Gemma’s ‘friend’ from Australia, early 20s

Kath – Neighbour, 50s

Suzie – Kath’s daughter, 14.



Approximately 45 minutes



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