ALICE IN WONDERLAND – THE PANTO by Dan Smith & Claire Hughes


The Queen of Tarts rules Wonderland with an iron fist and has banished her sister, The Queen of Berries, for stealing her jam tarts! The Queen of Berries and her trusty companion, Cheshire Cat, set out fulfil a prophecy that will see the demise of The Queen of Tarts but they need Alice! Once Alice falls down the rabbit hole she finds herself involved in The Queen of Tarts unbirthday Bake Off and a clever plan to overthrow the evil Queen once and for all. Can Alice, along with her friends Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and Caterpillar succeed in their plans and restore the Queen of Berries as ruler of Wonderland?



Alice – Principal girl, daydreamer. (Female)

Nanny Lou – Dame. Alice’s Nanny, a larger lady who is midway through reading 50 Shades of Grey before following Alice down into Wonderland. Love interest for Mr Carroll. (Male)

Cheshire Cat – Audience participation – Not from Cheshire at all but an alley cat from Essex whose father was a member of the Cheshire Cat family. He is a friend to the Queen of Berries and helps her defeat the Queen of Tarts by bringing Alice into Wonderland. (Male/Female)

Queen of Berries – A good Queen whose sister is the Queen of Tart. She seeks Alice out to help defeat the Queen of Tarts and falls in love with her sister’s husband, the King of Hearts. (Female)

Queen of Tarts – Bad Queen and sister to the Queen of Berries. She has overall control over Wonderland and wants to get rid of her sister who doesn’t agree with how she rules the kingdom. (Female)

King of Tarts – Husband to Queen of Tarts and her henchman. He is brow beaten/under the thumb and a nervous character that does Queen of Tarts bidding yet falls in love with Queen of Berries. (Male)

White Rabbit – Constantly late for things, always running around, a worrier whose keen to please. (Male/Female)

Caterpillar – An aviation expert (biggles type character) who longs to be able to fly but can’t. (Male/Female)

Mad Hatter – Very camp, fashionista/vogue type, host of the tea party. He use to style to Queen of Berries but was sent insane by the Queen of Tarts and now runs the Café Wonderful (Male/Female)

March Hare – Mad Hatter’s side kick, key member of the tea party, a tailor who assists Mad Hatter with fashion. (Male/Female)

Mouse – Guest at Mad Hatter’s tea party, one of his close friends, quiet, mocked by Mad Hatter and Hare. (Male/Female)

Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum – Double act who work for the Queen of Tarts and hosts the Bake Off. (Male/Female)

Mr Carroll – Special effects guy who is a constant through the show and is responsible for anything magical happening (i.e.Alice growing and shrinking), hates his job but helps Alice throughout the show. Love interest for Dame. (Male)

Wicked Queen (Snow White) – Makes a cameo appearance and is a friend of the Queen of tarts. She joins the Queen for the croquet game and is a guest judge at the bake off.

Chorus – Villagers, jam tarts, minions of Queen of Tarts, musical numbers



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