ALADDIN by Joshua Clarke and Lewis Clarke


Once the Evil Abanazar learns of a lamp the will make him all powerful, he must seek the help of a young man called, Aladdin, for he is the only one able to enter the cave of wonders.

Aladdin is a poor boy who works in a laundrette in old Peking with his Mother and brother. He falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to marry, as the Emperor needs his daughter to wed a rich suitor. Abanazar seizes his chance and convinces Aladdin that the cave will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. The lovesick Aladdin goes along with the plan, but Abanazar is merely using the poor boy to obtain ultimate power.

After and argument, Abanazar traps Aladdin in the cave. Only for Aladdin to discover the lamp himself and use it to escape the cave and make him a wealthy suitor for Princess Jasmine.

Abanazar uses his magic to ensnare the minds of the foolish Policemen Ping & Pong, to retrieve the lamp and steal Jasmine away to his own palace in Egypt. Aladdin, along with his mother and brother, follow them in an attempt to save Princess Jasmine. And with the help of the usually lazy slave of the ring, they are able to save the princess and live happily ever after



Aladdin……… A diamond in the rough, a lovelable scamp with big ambitions. 

Jasmine……… Strong and determined. Wants more out of life than just being a Princess

Abanazar……… Evil to the core. Hellbent on world domination. Despises everyone and everything.

Widow Twankey…… Aladdin’s mother, larger than life and desperate for a man.

Dishee Washee…….. Aladdin’s Brother, hopeless, stupid and silly.

Ping………… Policeman of Peking. Rubbish at his job, always ending up in a mess.

Pong………… Another policeman of Peking. No brains at all, utterly gormless.

Slave of the ring……… Very lazy, but bound to whomsoever wears the ring. All the gear but no idea.

Genie of the lamp…… Very energetic. A real show off. Whacky.

Emperor………… Money driven father of Jasmine. A very traditional man.



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