All you would expect from a traditional Aladdin pantomime, but strongly features the two genies who sit in constant view of the audience, from inside the lamp, this comedy partnership of the straight laced genie of the lamp and fun loving genie of the ring, gives the audience short sketches between scenes, as well as their normal visits on stage when summoned. 12 Main Cast plus Panda, Camel,  Mummy and  a minimum of 4 Chorus.

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Genie of the Lamp.   Well-spoken but traditional genie, who takes his role very seriously.

Genie of the Ring.     A rough diamond and very common, to play opposite the well-spoken Genie of the Lamp.

Abanaza.                    Is also well-spoken but is short tongued and cannot pronounce the letter “R” which is replaced with a “W”. This Panto baddie must play to get the boo’s but with the occasional twinkle in his eye for the comedy.

P.C. Hin. Police man. Half of the comedy double act, who puts an “H” in front of most sentences

P.C. Hout.   As above.

Wishy Washy.           The laundry boy.

Panda.                        Fun pantomime animal.

Aladdin.                     The main man, played by a female.

Widow Twankey       The Dame played by a man.

Princess Willow.       The Emperors daughter. The leading lady.

So Shy.                       Lady in waiting to the Princes.

Emperor Unwell.      Overbearing father to the Princess. Hypochondriac.

Empress Unwell.       Overbearing mother to the Princess. Hypochondriac.

Camilla.                     Pantomime Camel.

Chorus.                     Town’s people. Dancers. Etc.

Prince Braggart.      Has just a few lines. He is an arrogant failed suitor for the Princess Willow.

Mummy.                   Very small non speaking part for the “it’s behind you scene” inside the pyramid.



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