On the night of the first-ever White House movie screening, First Daughter Margaret Wilson must find a way to break with her past and become her own woman. Yet at the showing of the infamous epic The Birth of a Nation she is forced to fend off advances from a young minister, confront racial intolerance, and somehow live up to her duty to her father and to her country without completely losing her mind.  



WOODROW WILSON—Caucasian, 50s, 28th President of the United States

(COLONEL) EDWARD HOUSE—Caucasian, 50s, Advisor to the President

MARGARET WOODROW WILSON—Caucasian, 20s, First Daughter and Acting First Lady

DAVID WARK (D.W.) GRIFFITH—Caucasian, 40s, Motion picture director

CLARENCE FIELDS—African American, 30s, White House servant

REVEREND RICHARD GAMBLE—Caucasian, 30s, Presbyterian minister

CORA GAMBLE—Caucasian, 30s, Wife of minister

EUGENY DEMIDOV—Caucasian, 50s or 60s, Russian Ambassador



During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2019/2020 City Theater Company carried out an online reading of the play – you may find it here



“Our crazy world just requires farce!! City Theater’s After Birth of a Nation supplies all the common ingredients of farce…It’s very funny and very telling.”

–DCMetro Theater Arts


“A zany comedy! Amusing and well-conceived physical comedy.”

–Broadway World


“Seems – almost eerily – as if it was created specifically for the current political and social climate. Unlike some popular farces (“Lend Me a Tenor” comes to mind), it bucks racial stereotypes rather than using racist imagery for laughs.”

–News Journal


“A quasi-historical farce loaded with sight gags, cross-dressing, snappy dialog and larger-than-life characters. The plot amusingly weaves from policy talk to social issues to religion to the arts and involves all but one of the characters – introducing the audience to who they are and what their intentions might be. The wacky first act sets up a screwball second. It builds to a hilarious climax. After Birth of a Nation is a funny look at what might have happened in 1915, but many of the jokes and comical references are topical. Robson has crafted his historical farce for today’s audiences.”

–Delaware Arts Info



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