ACTS OF MURDER by Gary Clapperton


“Acts of Murder” is a comedy whodunit, which will have the audience both guessing and laughing through its twists, turns, shocks and red-herrings.

In the local amateur-dramatic group’s latest play, Charles and Mary have been invited round for afternoon drinks at the home of Bertie and Fiona but a series of incidents ruin everything.  But what is real and what is make-believe?

Will the audience be able to fathom out who performed the acts of murder or will they die laughing?



Lily:                   Old but still has all her faculties.

Jack:                 Idiotic and useless.

Fiona:               Speaks her mind. An attractive flirt, bordering on the tarty.

Hilary:               Sensible and capable.  A born leader.

PC Smith:         Policeman. Aloof.

Mary:                Wife of Charles. Prickly and speaks her mind.

Charles:            Hen-pecked husband of Mary.

Arthur:              Pompous. Has a misplaced high regard for his abilities.

Olive:                Plain and timid.



ACTS OF MURDER was first performed in September 2019 by All Saints Players in Hornchurch, Essex



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