ACTING DEAD by Gary Clapperton


When Robert wanders into a church hall, looking for help after his car crash, he meets Milton, who is dressed in Scottish Highlander costume.  Robert thinks Milton is a member of the local amateur dramatic society, who perform there.

When two women arrive, one in 1940s costume and one in Tudor costume, Robert thinks they too are members.  It turns out they are ghosts and Robert is shocked to find that so is he, as he did not survive the car crash.

The ghosts explain they have to wait, in what they think could purgatory, until the powers-that-be decide where they are to go next.  The waiting is only relieved when groups, including the am-dram society, meet the church hall.

Problems arise when, on Hallowe’en, the ghosts become visible to the am-dram members and are drawn into their rehearsals for “Macbeth”.  The historical tragedy then turns into a comedy.

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ROBERT: a young man. Modern dress.

MILTON: ghost of an old Victorian actor-manager.  Dressed in Scottish Highland costume.  Speaks with clear, loud, theatrical diction.

DORIS: ghost of a middle-aged working class woman.  1940s floral pinafore and headscarf, tied in a turban.  Roughly spoken.

KATHERINE: ghost of a young/middle-aged female Tudor commoner.

DICKIE: male middle-aged leader of amateur dramatic group.  Modern dress. An overly dramatic luvvie.  Very well spoken.

MARGARET: female middle-aged member of amateur dramatic group.  Modern dress.  Stern and very outspoken.  Wife of Tom.

TOM: male middle-aged member of amateur dramatic group.  Modern dress.  Hen-pecked husband of Margaret.

BRIAN: young male member of amateur dramatic group.  Modern dress.  Roughly spoken.

JULIET: young female member of amateur dramatic group.  Modern dress.  Attractive.



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