A WICKED WAKE by Rebecca Capper


Kim Kardigan has been murdered by person or persons unknown and all of herfamily and household are gathered together for the wake and are eagerly awaiting the reading of the will but no-one seems to care whodunit. Enter stage left Hercule Pure-Rot, Miss Meta-Carpals and PC Juliet Foxtrot-Bravo to interrogate the suspects. Will they discover who murdered Kim Kardigan or will you discover the culprit yourself?

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Kim Kardigan

Kim Kardigan was the famous Lead Singer of the Girl Band “The Kardigans”. She was also the Band’s Manager and Financial Director.


Kourtney Kardigan

The middle Kardigan sister and member of the Girl Band “The Kardigans”. Kourtney is the Guitarist and Backup singer in the band.


Khloe Kardigan

Youngest sister and member of the Girl Band “The Kardigans”. Kylie is the Drummer and Backup singer in the band.


Kylie Kardigan

Daughter of Miss Kim Kardigan.


Police Constable Bravo

Police Constable working on the Force within the Kent County. Newly joined Police Constable.


Hercule Pure-Rot

World famous and globally renowned Private Detective. Asked to investigate the murder of Miss Kim Kardigan by Scotland Yard.


Miss Meta Carpals

Spinster from St Mary’s Tweed. Famed within Scotland Yard as being a rather fabulous Criminal investigator. Hercule Pure-Rot’s Nemesis.


Mr. Kanye

The long serving and dedicated Butler to the Kardigan Family. He is married to Mrs. West the cook.


Mrs. West

The long serving and dedicated Cook to the Kardigan Family. She is married to Mr. Kanye.



The long serving and dedicated Housemaid to the Kardigan Family.


Mr. Solicitor

Faithful and trusted Solicitor to the recently departed Miss Kim Kardigan.



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